Hlæs nae dân hêrèainn Eshâyaél

Eshâyaél is the Emela/Harnic word for "Bad Moon," coming directly from the elvish. However, the concept of "badness" in the worldview of the Aelrhin is not what you might expect. Immortality has allowed them to see cycles of time within master cycles—alternating stasis and chaos—and these concepts are paired across several word-forms: light and dark, full and new moon, good and bad. "Badness" is the timbre of fortune, as if destiny were energy or waves. "Bad Moon" is thus dark and unfathomable.

Eshâyaél is also the name of my HârnWorld continuity, More than just a single fantasy RPG campaign, it ties together characters' stories from places as distant in time and place as Classical Azeryan and 720 Chybisa. It is just one p-Hârn among many, and it's pages are for you to peruse.